83rd PA @160th Wilderness Information

The purpose of this webpage is to provide information for members of the recreated 83rd PA for “A Devilish Entanglement – 160th Battle of the Wilderness” 3-5 May 2024.

Event Address: 1781 Brewery, 11113 VA Route 3, Spotsylvania, VA 22553

Report Time: Recommended NLT 5PM, Friday 3 May BUT NLT 8AM, Sat 4 May. (The 83rd PA march to its Friday night Bivouac circa 8PM.)

Questions? Contact: Kyle Windahl at Kewindal@gmail.com
Jerry Lynes at JerryLynes@yahoo.com

Facebook groups related to event:
83rd PA @ Devilish Entanglement Facebook Group.
A Devilish Entanglement Event FB Group (broader Event info.).

83rd PA Order of Battle.
Lieutenant Colonel: Kyle Windahl.
Major: Scot Buffington.
Adjutant: Kim Perlotto.
Quartermaster: CJ Smylie.
Sergeant Major: Jerry Lynes.
QM sergeant: Corey Clyne.
Bugler: Ryan Nedrow.
Right Guide: Brandon Jolly.
Left Guide: Tom Grant

Company A.
CPT: Will Eichler
1LT: Andrew Roscoe
1SG: Matthew Renier
Company B.
CPT: Joe Pankey (Email: joepankey@verizon.net)
1LT: Dennis O’Connell
1SG: Rolfe Madole
Company C.
CPT: Brian Shupe
1LT: Shane Anderton
1SG: Chad Slater
Company F. (Color Company)
CPT: Andrew Camporeale
1LT: James Monahan
1SG: Jason Griffith
Company I.
CPT: D. James Bower
1SG: Christian Shuster

If you are unsure which Company you are in, check the below roster. Any participants who are not assigned to a Company can choose one by contacting Kyle Windahl at Kewindahl@gmail.com

Uniform and Equipment. The 83rd PA was a member of the 1st Division V Corps – Red V Corps Badge will be issued. Participants should expect to live out of the packs and haversacks, campaign style for the event. Uniform and equipment should be AoP 1864 standard. It is recommended to have 120 rounds per rifle for the event.

Uniform Guidelines:
Though the 83rd is famous for being one of the 3 regiments given the French chasseur a pied uniform in 1861, they never wore it in combat and by 1864 any vestiges of that uniform were long gone (except maybe a few fatigue caps-bonnet de police-floating around among the veterans). They were a veteran regiment, and would have looked like any other unit in the Army of the Potomac. What set them apart was their experience, the charisma of their leaders, and the metal they were made of. Few regiments can claim to have as solid a reputation as the 83rd. So, while we won’t be flashy like zouaves, or have the iconic headgear of the Iron Brigade, know you’re representing a truly elite regiment from the Civil War.

All uniforms and gear should be constructed using proper materials and methods.

Issue forage caps
Commercial forage caps and kepis
Black felt civilian hats in limited numbers
Everyone should have a red 5th Corps badge, but company letters, “83” and “83 PV” brass are also acceptable
Chasseur fatigue cap (bonnet de police) may be worn around camp

Schuylkill Arsenal Infantry Jacket (many veteran regiments received these jackets in the spring of 1864)
Private purchase jacket (these were especially popular among the 83rd in 1864)
Lined or unlined sack coat (SA or Contract)
Commercial sack coat
Frock coats in limited numbers
NCOs should have proper rank insignia
Veteran stripes can be worn in limited numbers on jackets, frocks, and commercial sack coats but NOT issue sack coats (169 men reenlisted before the campaign began)

Sky blue SA or Contract trousers
Sky blue commercial trousers

Shirts and drawerr:
US Army issue shirt or contract issue shirt
Cotton or wool civilian shirts of proper construction
US Canton flannel drawers
Civilian drawers of cotton, flannel, or knit materials

US issue brogans
Civilian brogans (no camp shoes)

US issue belts (leather keeper or brass keeper)
US issue cap pouch
US Issue .58 cal. Cartridge box with plates
2 or 7 rivet US bayonet scabbard
Painted cloth US issue haversack
US issue double bag knapsack preferred, blanket rolls accepted (this is still early in the campaign, and the 5th Corps was photographed before the Wilderness with pretty full knapsacks)
Philadelphia or NY Depot canteen with correct cord or chain and stopper with cotton sling

Blankets and Tentage:
US Issue blanket
US issue ground cloth preferred, ponchos accepted
US Issue shelter tent half
Foot pattern overcoats if you think you’ll need it

Rifles (must have fitting bayonet):
1861 Springfield
1855 Springfield
1863 Springfield
P53 Enfield
1842 Springfield if that’s all you have

When packing, remember this is a veteran regiment, but they also had many, many new recruits. They started the campaign with around 700 men, after having been rebuilt as a regiment several times already in 1862 and 63. So, you can portray a veteran or a brand new soldier to the Army.

RATION ISSUE: For the 100+ participants in the ration issue, you will draw your rations from QM CJ Smylie at Registration. Otherwise, rations are individual or Company-organized business. (The latest list of those who are part of the ration issue is below.)

Approximate Schedule of Events:
8-9 pm: Step off for march to Friday campsite

6 am: Reveille and roll call
6-10 am: Company drill, breakfast, officer/NCO meetings
10 am: Move to staging area, then construct light breastworks
10:30 am-12:15 pm: General fatigue duty, picketing the field, Sutlers.
12:15 pm: Battle prep (all back to bivouac)
1 pm: Saunders Field scenario followed by 7th PA reserves scenario
After we get “paroled” we’ll move to our Saturday camp and begin digging in. Men will be able to visit Sutlers or 44th NY camp etc. but the focus is on constructing our works for the evening battle
5 pm: Everyone needs to be back in the works
5:30 pm: Gordon flank attack scenario
6-9 pm: Picketing and skirmishing in the woods
9 pm: Free time, Brewery visit opportunity (Return NLT Midnight)

6 am: Reveille roll call etc.
6-7:30 am: Breakfast and morning duties
7:30 am: Everyone should be packed and ready to move
9 am: Picketing and skirmishing in the woods resumes
9:30 am: Hancock’s attack and Tapp Field scenarios
10:30 am: Retreat to “Brock Road” and throw up light breastworks
1 pm: Final CS attack on US works along Brock RD
1:45 pm: Battalions reform in field for final remarks
2 pm: Dismissal/ end event

Historical Background

83rd PA in the Overland Campaign (Extract from the Official Records)

Dyers Compendium Entry on the 83rd PA (NPS Website)